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Friday, September 11, 2009


1.          In terms of Para 3(j) of AFSI 1/S/08, the CLASSIFICATION ALLOWANCE at prescribed rates for the relevant Professional Competence Skill, shall be admisssible to SERGEANTS AND BELOW RANKS  as per rates (appx B to this instruction) given below:-

       Group X - Class 4 to 3 - Nil           Class 3 to 2 - Rs.120/-   Class 2 to 1 - Rs.120/-

       Group Y  - Class 4 to 3 - Rs100/-  Class 3 to 2 - Rs.100/-    Class 2 to 1 - Rs.100/-

2.         Further, in terms of Para 5(e) of AFSI 1/S/08, it is stated that, In addition to the Pay in the  Revised Pay Structure,  PBORs will be entitled to Classification Allowance and Good Conduct Badge Pay, where admissible, at the rates given (at Appx B to this instructions) as given below:-

        Good Conduct Badge Pay   : 1st Badge  :Rs.80/-   2nd Badge - Rs.160/-  3rd Badge - Rs.240/-

3.         The benefit of 50% of Classification Allowance was allowed to be included in the service pension of air force retirees of pre-2006,  which is now allowed at 100% rate. But the Govt Orders are silent on the applicability of inclusion of 50% or 100% of GCB Pay in their service pension.

4.       The benefit of the Classification Allowance and the GCB pay (entitled and drawn whilst in service by Veterans) MAY ALSO BE CONSIDERED FOR INCLUSION IN THE SERVICE PENSION OF  PRE-2006 AF PENSIONERS,  while revising the SERVICE PENSION of AF Personnel as per the  recommendations of CoS Report of 30.6.2009.

4.          This would further enhance the Service Pensions and reduce the wide gap of Pre and Post- 2006 Pensioners.

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