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Friday, September 11, 2009


 1.         The VI CPC had recommended Assured Career Progression Scheme for Armed Forces Personnel, on par with the civilian employees, providing for three upgradations of pay of next higher rank on completion of 10, 20 and 30 years of completed service. However, while accepting the same, the Govt had been kind to AF personnel and reduced the years of completed service to 8, 16 and 24 years.

2.         The said Scheme finds place in Para 15 of AFSI 1/S/08. Sub para (a) lays down that An AC/LAC would be entitled to FIRST Financial Upgradation of Pay of the rank of CPL, on completion of 8 years of service, the SECOND Financial Upgradation of Pay of the rank of SGT, on compleion of 16 years of service, and THIRD  Financial Upgradation of Pay of the rank of JWO on completion of 24 years of service. In case, he gets promoted to a next higher rank prior to the applicability of of FIRST ACP,  he would only be entitled to SECOND/THIRD ACP at the specified period, Provided, he does not get any further promotion.  In case, he gets second promotion before 16 years, then he would be entitled to only the 3rd ACP on completion of 24 years of service, provided he does not get any further promotion.

             Sub para (b) lays down a similar narrative in respect of a direct entry Sgt.

3.        So, therefore, the AFSI lays down stiff condition of 8,16 and 24 years of  completed service. Even if an AC gets 2 promotions before 16 years of service, say after 12 years he becomes SGT, he will get 3rd ACP of JWO financial upgradation after 24 years (should have to wait for next 12 years). Suppose he gets regular promotion of JWO, say after compleion of 21 years, then he would not get anything (3rd ACP).

4.         From the above,  it appears that the spirit of the VI CPC is truncated.

5.        The Min of Pers, PG&P Order No.35034/3/2008/Estt dated 19.05.09, illustrates that an official getting a promotion at 8th year gets his 2nd ACP after (8+10)18 years and 3rd after (8+10+10) 28 years completed years. Similarly if an employee gets 2nd promotion after 16 years, his 3rd ACP falls due after (16+10) 26 years.  For perusal of the Illustrations and the Chart depicting examples in the said order,  Please  CLICK HERE

6.         The AFSI 1/S/08 may have to be modified on the lines of illustrations/chart of the GO cited at para 5 above urgently in the interest of justice to AF Personnel. 


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