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Thursday, August 6, 2009


1. The 6th CPC (Para 2.3.34) have recommended that a Time Bound Promotion Scheme (Assured Career Progression Scheme) in the case of PBORs, allowing 2 financial upgradations on completion of 10 and 20 yrs of service (while the Govt agreed for 3 upgradations on completion of 08,16/24 yrs). This will allow a benefit of one increment and a higher Grade Pay. As regards the other sugggestion relating to the MOD may set up a Inter Services Committee to consider the matter after the revised scheme of revising pay bands is implemented.

2. The VI CPC recommendations in r/o the CG Civilian Employees were already implemented (orders issued), the same in r/o the AF personnel are yet to be issued, although nearly a full year had elapsed.

3. Your honour is requested to personally intervene and order issuance of Orders on ACP for AF personnel, URGENTLY.

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