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Tuesday, August 25, 2009



For All Dear PBORs friends. Please find below the information regarding purchase of car by PBORs from CSD Canteen. The Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence, vide their letter No. 96410/Q/DDGCS dt. 23 Oct. 2008 issued by Integrated HQ of MOD (Army) Army HQs / QMG's Branch, Dy. Dte. Gen. Canteen Services, has authorized serving and retired PBORs to purchase four wheelers through the CSD with effect from 01 Jan 2009 up to 1300 CC capacity.

This facility has been accorded to PBORs as a result of great struggle by various ESM organizations including Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab & Chandigarh, headed by the undersigned. However, we are utterly disappointed by the eligibility conditions imposed by Ministry of Defence on the purchase of car through CSD by PBORs. Following conditions are to be fulfilled by the PBORs before they can purchase car:-
1. PBOR should have retired honorably with pension after a colour service of 15 years.
2. The retired PBORs shall submit an affidavit of Rs. 5/-on Non Judicial Stamp Paper covering the following:-
(a) He has not purchased the car in the last 5 years (for JCO) and 7 years (for other rank).
(b) The vehicle is for his personal use.
(c) Vehicle will be registered on his name.
Entry with regards to purchase of car by retd PBOR will be made on the original PPO at the Depot.
After that CSD will take the following action:-
(a) Verity the correctness of the details furnished by the PBOR.
(b) Cross check from CSD HO whether the Concerned PBOR has already purchased a car from any other CSD Depot in the last 5 / 7 years.
(c) Share the data with regards to purchase of car by PBOR with other depots.

PBOR will be allowed to purchase the car only after receipt of confirmation from CSD Head Office.
No such condition is applicable to officer and all officers including ECs and SSCs, not drawing pension, are allowed to purchase a car of any capacity after a gap of 2 years.
This organization has already taken of the case of these additional conditions applicable to PBORs with Integrated HQ of MOD (Army) Adjutant General's Branch and they have further asked QMG Branch for the reasons for the additional conditions applicable to PBORs vide their letter no. B/33152/AG/PS-2(c) dt. 5 June 2009 with a copy to this league HQ.
So far no reply has been received from QMG Branch. Same will be displayed on this blog as and when received.

Veteran Prabhjot Singh Chhatwal PLS (Retd.)
Indian Ex-Services League, Punjab & Chandigarh.
Mob. 98554-09128 Telefax- 0175- 5000896.


  1. Hi Veterans,

    It is great to see our elders showing us the way and fighting for equel rights. It is disgusting to see that inequalities in all walks of life right from the day we join forces at junior level and remains till the last day of our life. We all serve mother India but get different food, different clothes,different treatment at hospitals,diffrent means of travel,different accomodation,different facilities.
    Pay and perks can be different based on work you do but rest of the things stem out of feudal/gora mentality which our people at senior level are yet get over. May God bless them with more sense and humility to treat all people equel.

  2. Well said Anonymous
    The rules were are and always will be for PBORs

  3. Hi, Everyone, I just prematurely retired from Service after putting 20 years of service but i am feeling ashmed of saying that all the senior officer who retires then they think of PBOR but when they are in service they just think of their own need, LOOK IN THIS CAR CASE ALSO, who made this policy only serving officers who put so many restrictions on purchase of car for PBOR and who is fighting this case is also an retired officer. PBOR are still the same they were under Britishers no rules changed for them everything changed for officers not for PBOR after independence.

  4. sir, we ex-serviceman from kerala are not able to take vehicle through CSD. kindly intervene in this matter urgently.
    Mohnan KV,

  5. Ramani AE from MES

    I am interested to buy a car .My basic pay is Rs.9900.00 to-day(old pay).Please inform Am I eligible ? My email is