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Thursday, August 20, 2009


1. The 6th CPC have (newly introduced concept) recommended that all future recruitment's to the posts of Short Service Commission and Personnel Below Officer Ranks in the Defence Forces, Central Police Organisations and Defence Civilian Organisations shall be common to all posts and conducted by Recruitment Boards of Defence Forces. The selected candidate shall initially serve in the Defence Forces for a minimum period of 7 years(extend able up to 17 years on certain conditions) before being laterally inducted into the analogous posts in the Central Para Military Forces, Central Police Organisations and various Defence Civilian Organisations. The seniority and pay etc will be protected for all, but the MSP in r/o Defence Forces personnel will be withdrawn, on their lateral movement/absorption. They will be governed by the Defence Forces pension benefits.

2. The Ministry of Home Affairs have initially opposed this Scheme, on the pleas that the Age Profile of CPOs will be Hit, the Training of Defence Personnel (TO KILL) is different from that of CPOs(TO CONTROL & NOT TO KILL), the Employment Opportunities will be Curtailed, The Career Progression of Existing Employees will be Affected, AND, It would be Difficult to Maintain ONE TO ONE PARITY between Different Posts in Defence Forces, Central Police Organisations and Defence Civilian Organisations. The 6th CPC had analysed and reviewed these objections and found the scheme viable with favourable administrative and financial aspects, and concluded, that the scheme is extremely viable, beneficial and no real drawbacks exists in effective implementation.

3. The 6th CPC further opined that implementation of this scheme will not only result is substantial financial savings for the Govt, but will also guarantee a lifetime employment to the Defence Forces Personnel. Besides, the Govt will have an abundant supply of trained manpower for induction into various posts in Central Police Organisations and Defence Civilian Organisations. And, THEREFORE, SHOULD BE IMPLEMENTED IN ITS ENTIRETY WITHOUT ANY DELAY.

4. The Ministry of Defence, GOI in their Resolution dated 30.8.08, have accepted the 6th CPC recommendations on this subject with a remark that "the matter will be examined separately". It is almost a full year elapsed and the action to be initiated on the issue is AWAITED. This issue is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO THE ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL, particularly the PBORs, who retire very early in their mid-30s, and search for alternate civil employment.

5. Perhaps, the policy of the GOI will, with all excitement, be put into operation on the occasion of the 140th Jayanthi celebrations of MAHATMA GANDHI, the Father of the Nation on 2.10.2009? That would be a befitting TRIBUTE to the MAHATMA and the Defence Forces Personnel. JAI HIND.

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