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Saturday, August 22, 2009


1. The GOI, Ministry of Defence, on the Recommendations of the 5th CPC, have granted a fixed Medical Allowance of Rs.100/-pm to all Armed Forces Pensioners/Family Pensioners (including future pensioners/family pensioners)residing in areas that are not covered by the Central Govt. Health Scheme from the year 1997, to meet the day-to-day medical expenses that do not require hospitalisation.

2. In the present day context, this allowance of Rs.100/- is not sufficient to meet even the lowest rate of one time Consultation charges of a Doctor, leave alone buying the prescribed medicines by the pensioners. The inflation has caused sharp increase in prices in general and the prices of medicines in particular, which abnormally rose by 15-20 times of prices of 1997-98.

3. The vast majority of Armed Forces Pensioners, especially PBORs/family pensioners belong to and are settled in remote rural areas, that are not covered by CGHS facilities. They, being sick/infirm and of advanced age, are prone to frequent sickness/diseases. Other adverse conditions such as lack of support or indifference of family members, social security and lack of avocation or work etc. play their part. The luxury/facility of a Doctor or even a RMP is not available at their places and as such, they invariably have to visit/travel to nearby town for medical treatment, usually with an escort since they cannot make it on their own. This involves transportation cost of about Rs.30/-to 50/-per person (one way)on an average, which is inescapable to them.

4. Keeping in view to overcome the above, it becomes all the more necessary justification that the Fixed Medical Allowance of the Armed Forces Pensioners/family pensioners may be Enhanced to Rs.2000/-pm by the Govt of India, w.e.f. 1.9.08. and issue orders urgently.

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