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Friday, August 28, 2009


1.        All Armed Forces Personnel may feel HAPPY AND PROUD  to read the following article of the army's " CONTRIBUTION IN DEVELOPMENTAL AND SOCIAL  RESPONSIBILITY ASPECTS IN JAMMU AND  KASHMIR " on an annual basis, as reported in the blog - Soldiers Corner - Friday, August 28, 2009 - ARMY, A 'BIG EMPLOYER' OF STATE YOUTHS.

           """""Besides fighting insurgency in the state and securing the border, the Army is contributing to its economic development as well. The Army is also boosting human resource development in the state, as it has employed a large number of youths.

             Every year, 800 to 1,000 soldiers are recruited in the Army from the state,” said Brig G. Murali of the Udhampur-based Northern Command. The Army has raised six Home and Hearth (H and H) battalions absorbing more than 6,582 youths from the state. The H and H employment is given to locals and members of families affected by militancy,” he said. The Army employs more than 15,000 porters and around 17,000 ponies.

             Besides providing employment to locals, the Army also adds to the economic growth of the state by procuring items of daily consumption at the local level. " Everyday, the Army procures 33,000 litres of milk that is around 25 per cent of the total daily requirement of the Army in the state,” said Brig Murali. The Army also makes other local purchases that costs more than Rs 800 crore to the state’s exchequer annually.

           “The Army pays Rs 800 crore annually to the state government in the form of electricity and other rental payments,” Brig Murali said.

            The Army has also undertaken various other developmental projects in the state. In period 2008-09, the Army constructed 14 bridges, while construction work on 22 bridges was being executed.

           “The Army runs 51 goodwill schools in the state, where 11,353 students study. It runs two residential schools also in the state. It sponsors 240 students to six residential schools in the country,” Brig Murali said.   He added, “The Army also provides help to the state government schools in their renovation, construction of additional class rooms and other such facilities for the students.”

            Brig Murali said the Army “runs 10 hostels with a capacity of 620, 26 women empowerment centres with a strength of 738”.  (Posted by HARDCORE SOLDIER at Friday, August 28, 2009).

2.         Now, please look at the FUNDS DEPLOYED for the above @ per annum on a rough conservative estimate (and not exact) is about Rs.2150 crores:-  

-- Rectt of 800/1000 soldiers into the army : Salary and Perks @ 2 lakh pa per person = 2000 lakhs/20 cr.

-- H and H Batt.6572 persons : Salary and Perks @2 lakh pa per person = 13144lakhs/131.44 cr

-- Porters 15000 and Ponies 17000= 32000 : Expenses @1 lakh pa per each = 32000lakh/320 cr

-- Milk proced for army- 33000 ltrs @Rs.25/- Ltr. : Rs.8.25 lakh p.d x365days = 30.12

-- Other local purchases by army in state  Rs.800 cr pa = 800 cr

-- Rent and Elect charges payments to state  Rs.800 cr pa = 800 cr

-- 14 bridges constructed in state   Appx. Estimate  =10 cr

-- 22 bridges under construction in state : Appx. Estimate  =25 cr

-- Runs 51 schools(11353 students)in state : Appx.Estimate  =5 cr

-- Runs 10 hostels (620 capacity) in state :  Appx.Estimate 20  lakhs pm =2.4 cr

-- Runs 26 Women Centres(738 capacity) in state : Appx  Estimate 50 lakh pm    = 6 cr

                                                      ----Total amount = Rs.2149.96cr.

3.      INCIDENTALLY, the Hon. Finance Minister's announcement in the Union Budget on Fund Estimated  for "ONE RANK ONE PENSION'" FOR ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL is Rs.2144.22 cr.

                     WHAT    A     CO-INCDENCE ??????

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