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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


1. The rate of Ration Allowances for the AF Personnel were revised to Rs.36.91ps from 1.4.08 to 31.3.09, and as per the 6th CPC recommendations, these were made applicable to all CPMFs w.e.f. 1.9.08. The Railway board had issued orders to this effect available here Order of Revised Rates of Ration Allowances
2. The 6 th CPC (Para 2.1.1.) while fixing the minimum wages of the CG employees w.e.f. 1.1.2006, had adopted and calculated the monthly rates of rations etc. (as per 15 ILC Norms), as given below:-

- Rice / Wheat - Rs.769.50ps
- Dal(Toor/Urad) - Rs.288.00ps
- Raw Vegetables - Rs. 90.00ps
- Gr.leaf Vegetables -Rs.112.50ps
- Other vegetables - Rs.67.50ps
- Fruits - Rs.324.00ps
- Milk (200ml/18 Lt) - Rs. 432.00ps
- Sugar/Jaggery - Rs.120.00ps
- Edible oil - Rs. 180.00ps
Eggs (90 Nos) - Rs.180.00ps
Total - Rs.2563.50ps and
- Fish - Rs. 300.00ps
-Meat -Rs. 600.00ps Rs.3463.50ps./per month, Or @ Rs.115.50ps p.d

As can be seen from the above, Rs.115.50ps per day figure arrived at the 6th CPC is apparently for a single person expenditure per day, as on or before 1.1.2006. But there is no provision made for fluctuating prices. On comparison of prices of present times, the above rates donot buy them for even 10 days.

Furthermore Sir, have a glance @Rs.36.91ps per day, the rate of rations of AF personnel and it is beyond imagination as to how these rates arrived at in the first place, and their revisions at regular intervals. The subject matter apparently does not matter the AF officers and the unmarried PBORs since they get rations in lieu.

It is requested that the issue my be personally looked into and order the concerned authorities to devise the Ration Allowance for the AF personnel rationally, and revise the same periodically (quarterly at least) keeping in view the market prices, URGENTLY.

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